Monday, 17 March 2014

Hello all,

Thanks to everybody who downloaded The Star Agency during my recent free promotion on Smashwords. It broke all my previous download figures, which is amazing, so many thanks for that. It is now back up to its regular price, still a bargain at $0.99 - click to view.

You may still be able to pick it up free on Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble and KOBO for another day or so. It also remains free on Amazon (.com,, .ca, .in and on price match, so check it out if you are still interested - links below:

Apple iTunes
B&N: Nook

Also a BIG thanks to all those who left reviews. I got 4 new reviews on Amazon & 1 new review on Smashwords during the promotion, all of which were 5 stars. My average scores are 5/5 on Smashwords and 4.5/5 on Amazon. 

Thanks and enjoy reading,

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